The Expand Training Activities in Guang Bao EStrong in 2015

time:2018-09-20 12:03author:admin

In order to improve the team's cooperation ability, and help employees to establish a healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationship. On December 30, 2015, our company went to the Foshan South China Sea Wetland for a day of outdoor activities.

      Eleven o’clock in the morning, with the continuous rain, the outdoor development training officially kicked off. Before the activity started, coach through the "social" jump shake dance, and unlock serial rope, a series of activities to create a lively atmosphere, to establish the basis of mutual trust.

      After the warm up, followed the coach’s guidance. Our employees were randomly divided into two teams in the competition “won the materials”, “shiatsu sheet rope”, “orienteering”, and“tear brand activities”. In the "Orienteering" activities, every team had required to visit each point indicated on the map in order. On the way is abundle of  difficulties, all teams must follow the direction of the map in accordance with the order of the points to visit each point. In the process of training, they cultivated the team communication, coordination, execution, wisdom, cohesion and other excellent team quality!