First, the guiding ideology
With the advanced enterprise culture construction theory as the foundation, to cultivate their social morality, occupation morality, family virtue, improve business visibility, reputation, civilization, enhance productivity, competitiveness and cohesion of enterprises for the purpose, adhere to the people-oriented, full implementation of the construction of enterprise culture with our characteristics, carry forward the spirit of enterprise, practice of enterprise value view, implementation of the strategy of enterprise development and staff vision unified operator concept and concept of harmonious staff, their inner world and the external environment improvement, the construction of a harmonious enterprise, promote the coordinated development of our construction of "Three Civilizations".
Two, the goal of the year
Further explore and promote the spirit of enterprise content, establish a positive image of the company, enhance the sense of belonging, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the company's corporate culture.
Three, the construction of enterprise culture should follow and adhere to the principle of
1, systematic principle. 2, the effectiveness of the principle of. 3, people-oriented principle. 4, adhere to the principle of keeping with the times.

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