Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, Yue Zhuang Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, the registered capital of 10 million 380 thousand yuan. Since its inception, has been engaged in national infrastructure and key projects related to mechanical and electrical equipment, chemical raw materials agent.
Operating products are as follows (the whole machine and accessories):
The German Wittgen group (WIRTGEN) series of products:
1] Wirtgen milling machine, cement concrete paver, cold / hot recycled equipment
2] Vogele paver, asphalt transfer vehicle
3] Hummer series roller (single, double steel wheel, rubber roller, 1-30 tons)
4] g Lin Man mining equipment, etc.
The United States Kohler (KOHLER) generator
The German Thorpe Fu (SCHOPF) airport equipment: aircraft tractor, passenger car, car platform
* Italy MB: broken bucket, bucket, milling machine and other screening
The Italy Benma gasoline, diesel generator, high pressure cleaning guns, electric logistics handling equipment
The Italy WLP dust treatment equipment
The Canada Skyjack aerial work platform equipment
The German Liebherr station, concrete truck, cement mixing station recycling
The Bailey car lights
Other: Italy Masson SA (MASSENZA) modified asphalt equipment. Italy vimar Tektronix (VIMATEK) open vibration machine, Sweden KUAB pavement deflectometer.
Estrong convinced top product quality and smooth delivery is only the beginning, worry free customer service service is the customer to choose again an important consideration Estrong, so the company equipped with professional customer service service engineers, for important customers even stagnation set office and device Engineer team.
In the past years, thanks to the "top products worry free customer service" business philosophy to win, Estrong highway, airport, municipal, water conservancy and hydropower, multinational companies, aviation industry customer trust and support, the company's business to the healthy development. As a trusted partner, Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, Yue Zhuang Trading Co., Ltd. will strive for excellence, to provide our customers with more advanced technology and more advanced quality products and more perfect service.

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